Give In or Not….

Last question was so now what? Well that is a deep subject and a even deeper question. Time to figure out what excites me the most. Well running did but to heavy and I live in a rual area. Excuse e #1. What means the most to me ” children of course” Look in the mirror how long are you going to be here? OK now whats the challenge and how do you conquer it? I reminded myself of all the negatives, and the you will never make it’s that others said to me. Used that as my fule. Follow me at and you will see some ways to start. Yep Fire Wife another challenge I put on myself. How would you challenge yourself?


Who’s Got Your Back..

I decided it was time to go through with my passion of fitness training. The only thing is looking at myself in the mirror I did not see a fitness trainer I saw a fitness blob..!!

Now here we go again with the blaming me I should have kept in better health after the kids where born. 

I should have listen to myself when I said go for a longer walk with the dog. I Should have..I should have.. I should have.. It just went on and on then depression started again and the cake looked better and well you know the rest. It got even better when I could blame my medication. Yep I was one big blame game. So now what?