I’M Hungry…

Yep now it’s time for the mind games.. People think that is a joke but it’s not…So those small 6meals that you hear so much this is where they come into play…. Those of you that work There are those cakes and cookies that the SKINNY girl brought in….. You ever noticed that and she don’t eat it. OK my bad that was not nice True but not nice… Now My thing was carbs I love my carbs but for every carb I ate I gave myself a extra mile in my walk, run, or two lap up&down the stairs. So I chose frosted shedded wheat ( in a sandwhich bag ) with cheese great snack yep I had some chips but the teasers ( that what my kids called them ) snack back of baked chips with a 1/2 sandwich most trainers would choke me for this but I’m not going to starve you in the begining you are just starting. But I will say DON’T INDULGE. Take the stairs instead of the elavator you get there faster anyway. Each day go up one floor to start you can ride down the going up is your challenge to start. Yes Carrots, Celery, broccoli or cauliflower Dont cover it with Ranch Dressing, peanut or almond butter,rasins or crasins mixed with yougurt and granola. Get some WHEY Protein and frozen fruit make a smoothy in the morning with yogurt and milk almond or 2%. Check out my Pinterest and there are all kinds of fun GOOD healthy ways to eat my kids even like it. Flaxseed is good to put on your food as well you can get a bag a WalMart for .79 just take a pinch and spinckle on your meals. Lastly at about 7:30pm have a yogurt or a gram cracker and a slice of cheese so you don’t wake up starving and when you Re-Friend your scale you’ll be ready for thoat morning weight… You are Well On You Way… How do you think you are doing???  


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