Not Sure…

Ok lets start the day off like this Your not the riches person in the world, at least I’m not and the gym well I’ll be honest just can’t aford it. So how do I meet the challenges? Step one; You have already started with the increase in water cause you jazzed it up and made it worth drinking. Step 2; When you take that first deep beath while eating you stop and don’t force anymore. Now the next thing is The scale well you need like I did and take that huzzy off your friend list for now. Re-friend her later.. I have stairs in my house so now I have a stair master… and since I have lower back issues that helps with the push ups too… Well got me a full body work out right in the house. Oh you have no stars? OK well something hard and stackable that you can step on ( SAFELY!! ) Now you have your stair steper too… (a step stool , a very low sterdy chair that can support you..) Stand up sit up’s UH!! yep High Knee kick out as fast and as hard as you can. You got free weights to right in your cabinet we call them can goods. Hey this is untill you can get the money to bye what you need. No More Dreaming about your goals lets get there together. The goal here is to get your heart rate up and a nice sweat. YOU GOT THIS!!!


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