Is it me or Them…

Ready to give up right… I’m tired of all the ” whatever” ,” Dr. OZ said” , ” That’s Bull S#$%” Yep I heard that too but now it’s time to weed out your supporters and the fuel for your fire so to speak. Now I don’t push religion or anyone but he’s been good to me. So I will just tell you to start your Day with ” To Day Is A Good Day To Have A Good Day” now If you are spiritual you can add “Satan You Can Not Have Me I am A Child Of God”  If not that’s fine to moving right along. When you are eating do you take a deep breath? Yes that is your body telling you ” I am Done!!”  So sit back drink up on the water and keep it movin.. not a water fan OK let’s make it funky shall we… add some cinnamon and a mint leaf maybe 4 leaves some leamon…. OK,OK.. Hear is a of water recipe to help you start….Get a pitcher and this one you fix at night and have the next day. 6cups of water 1 Tbsp grated ginger, 1cucumber( sliced), 1/3 cup mint leaves next day you drink all day and allready 6 cups out the way. So it’s them trying to discourage you. right after dinner take the kids, dog, or just you for a walk even if it’s to the corner and back you did something. You can also add a few squirts of lemon and or lime juice in some water ( i know finances are tough sometime ) with a little cinnamon. WAY TO GO!!!!!


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