Did You Know

Today’s health fact from Bio Nutrition is;

Did you know that it’s not just the foods you eat, but actually the way you EAT them that matters when it comes to maximum fat-burning?
For example, if you are eating pre-sliced strawberries, the fat-burning vitamin content of these sweet treats can be compromised due to prolonged exposure to oxygen. Instead, when eating strawberries, it’s best to eat them whole (who doesn’t love biting into a juicy strawberry?), or at least wait until you are ready to eat to slice and dice them up. One thing you DON’T want to do is slice them and then store them, consuming them over time, as this will surely reduce the fat-burning power of the great strawberry.
And how about Greek yogurt? When you peel back the lid, you are probably used to seeing some “water” that has settled on the top. Most people dump this down the sink, but this “water” is actually whey that is packed with protein, vitamins, and calcium. Don’t get rid of it! Instead, mix the watery whey back into the yogurt to avoid missing out on Greek yogurt’s fat-burning punch!
Here’s another tip: You may have heard that most fruits and veggies are better consumed raw instead of cooked, as cooking can reduce their vitamin and mineral content. While this is true in many cases, it’s the exact opposite with tomatoes. You see, tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a phytonutrient with many positive health benefits. Unlike other veggies, cooking actually increases concentrations of lycopene in tomatoes, so enjoy tomato sauce, roasted tomatoes, and other cooked dishes with tomatoes more often!
And while we’re at it, here’s even BETTER news when it comes to burning maximum flab, particularly around your waistline. You see, believe it or not, there’s a new way to burn belly fat that has been shown in more than a DOZEN research studies to help you burn fat and slim your waist at an accelerated rate.

 In fact, one breakthrough study showed that those who performed this belly-burning trick just twice daily burned 400% more fat than those who didn’t. Another study published in the Journal of International Medical Research showed that those using this powerful flab-burning trick lost 20% of their body fat in just 12 weeks. And get this… the trick takes less than a minute to perform!

Keep up the good work and always Remember….

You Got This!!!! It’s your GOAL and No one can take it!


Side Dish..

Roasted Vegetables 

Recipe type: Main Entree, Side Dishes Cuisine: Vegetarian
Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 40 mins Total time: 45 mins
Serves: 4

1 large head of broccoli, florets chopped off from the stalk
1 large zucchini, chopped into half moons
1 large yellow squash, chopped into half moons
1 cup cherry tomatoes, sliced in halves
3 carrots, chopped
10 oz. portobello mushrooms, sliced
¼ cup of olive oil
2-3 tsp. kosher salt
2 tsp. ground black pepper
Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
In a large bowl, toss all the vegetables together with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Divide the vegetables among two jelly roll pans.
Roast vegetables for 35-40 minutes, removing the vegetables from the oven every 15 minutes to stir around.
You can virtually roast any type of vegetable you want with this base recipe. Adjust amount of olive oil and salt/pepper based on the amount of veggies you’re roasting. I’ve done sweet potatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers, etc.

Pineapple, Banana, Coconut Smoothie

2 Cups fresh pineapple cut into chunks

1 large Banana cut into chunks

1/2 cup light coconut milk

1/2 cup ice

Combine all ingredients into blender. Blend until smooth serve immediately

makes 2 servings

Hope all has been going well everyone. Remember keep digging and you got this.

Heres to Better health…




I’M Hungry…

Yep now it’s time for the mind games.. People think that is a joke but it’s not…So those small 6meals that you hear so much this is where they come into play…. Those of you that work There are those cakes and cookies that the SKINNY girl brought in….. You ever noticed that and she don’t eat it. OK my bad that was not nice True but not nice… Now My thing was carbs I love my carbs but for every carb I ate I gave myself a extra mile in my walk, run, or two lap up&down the stairs. So I chose frosted shedded wheat ( in a sandwhich bag ) with cheese great snack yep I had some chips but the teasers ( that what my kids called them ) snack back of baked chips with a 1/2 sandwich most trainers would choke me for this but I’m not going to starve you in the begining you are just starting. But I will say DON’T INDULGE. Take the stairs instead of the elavator you get there faster anyway. Each day go up one floor to start you can ride down the going up is your challenge to start. Yes Carrots, Celery, broccoli or cauliflower Dont cover it with Ranch Dressing, peanut or almond butter,rasins or crasins mixed with yougurt and granola. Get some WHEY Protein and frozen fruit make a smoothy in the morning with yogurt and milk almond or 2%. Check out my Pinterest and there are all kinds of fun GOOD healthy ways to eat my kids even like it. Flaxseed is good to put on your food as well you can get a bag a WalMart for .79 just take a pinch and spinckle on your meals. Lastly at about 7:30pm have a yogurt or a gram cracker and a slice of cheese so you don’t wake up starving and when you Re-Friend your scale you’ll be ready for thoat morning weight… You are Well On You Way… How do you think you are doing???  

Hanging On…

Today is a good day to have a good day!!!!

The mind is going to play tricks on you and there are going to be some dis believers but, you are doing an awesome job. I sure hope you are telling yourself this like I am telling you cause that is what I told myself.

Now this only gets tougher before it gets better and I would be lying if I said any different. But that is why we made a goal to look at and focus on. Another good thing to do is switch up the routine a little to keep it interesting so you don’t get board. Something different every couple of weeks. Look at your goal and tell those nay Sayers to kiss you’re ass and keep diggin.  You Got This..

How do I do it…

You tell but I just can’t get it and I’m loosing focus fast… OK Hold on Here is a few things for you and a few people to check out trust me Pinterest became my friend because I could tweek things to my liking ( a healthy way ) and I got a lot of inspiration follow me at 1firewifebrown@pinterest.com 

Smoothy; Frozen Strawberries 1Cup, Almond Milk (Unsweetened) 1/2cup, Your favorite vanilla protein powder 1scoop, and 2tsp of chia seeds.

recipevan.com gave the recipe for a great Turkey Wrap. I split it with the kids for lunch.   Large Tortilla Wraps,

garlic and herb laughing cow cheese, spinch, black pepper turkey, 2 slices provolone cheese, 1/4 sliced avocado, and 4 strips red bell pepper

Spread the laughing Cow Cheese one the tortilla then layer all the other ingredients on top of the tortilla.

Remember You got this and only you can stop you. Deep Breath Streach and Keep pushing .. It’s your Goal Your Challenge..You Will Meet, Beat, and Conquer it.. This is Your Year..Have a Great Day..

Not Sure…

Ok lets start the day off like this Your not the riches person in the world, at least I’m not and the gym well I’ll be honest just can’t aford it. So how do I meet the challenges? Step one; You have already started with the increase in water cause you jazzed it up and made it worth drinking. Step 2; When you take that first deep beath while eating you stop and don’t force anymore. Now the next thing is The scale well you need like I did and take that huzzy off your friend list for now. Re-friend her later.. I have stairs in my house so now I have a stair master… and since I have lower back issues that helps with the push ups too… Well got me a full body work out right in the house. Oh you have no stars? OK well something hard and stackable that you can step on ( SAFELY!! ) Now you have your stair steper too… (a step stool , a very low sterdy chair that can support you..) Stand up sit up’s UH!! yep High Knee kick out as fast and as hard as you can. You got free weights to right in your cabinet we call them can goods. Hey this is untill you can get the money to bye what you need. No More Dreaming about your goals lets get there together. The goal here is to get your heart rate up and a nice sweat. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Is it me or Them…

Ready to give up right… I’m tired of all the ” whatever” ,” Dr. OZ said” , ” That’s Bull S#$%” Yep I heard that too but now it’s time to weed out your supporters and the fuel for your fire so to speak. Now I don’t push religion or anyone but he’s been good to me. So I will just tell you to start your Day with ” To Day Is A Good Day To Have A Good Day” now If you are spiritual you can add “Satan You Can Not Have Me I am A Child Of God”  If not that’s fine to moving right along. When you are eating do you take a deep breath? Yes that is your body telling you ” I am Done!!”  So sit back drink up on the water and keep it movin.. not a water fan OK let’s make it funky shall we… add some cinnamon and a mint leaf maybe 4 leaves some leamon…. OK,OK.. Hear is a of water recipe to help you start….Get a pitcher and this one you fix at night and have the next day. 6cups of water 1 Tbsp grated ginger, 1cucumber( sliced), 1/3 cup mint leaves next day you drink all day and allready 6 cups out the way. So it’s them trying to discourage you. right after dinner take the kids, dog, or just you for a walk even if it’s to the corner and back you did something. You can also add a few squirts of lemon and or lime juice in some water ( i know finances are tough sometime ) with a little cinnamon. WAY TO GO!!!!!